Ten Amendments Day: Sunday May 7th


10 Amendments Day


Counter to the Religious Right effort to attack and undermine Separation of Church and State and the Constitution & 10 Commandments Day


What itís all about:


American Atheists (http://www.atheists.org/) in coalition with Beltway Atheists (http://groups.myspace.com/beltwayatheists) will begin tabling (setting up a tent, and a table with information) in Washington DC (on the National Mall in front of the Dinosaur Museum) on Ten Amendments Day, Sunday May 7th, 10 am Ė 5pm.




Itís important to make people aware of the Constitution, and the Jeffersonian Wall of Separation of Church and State, being attacked and undermined by the Religious Right in the United States.




American Atheists and Beltway Atheists are going to be providing people with important information about Separation of Church and State, as well as information on the Bill of Rights.We will also be asking people how they feel about Separation of Church and State, in attempts to engage them on the issue at hand.


In Response to:


The Religious Right and their unrelenting message of divisiveness, shameless religious promotion in politics and courts, movement to replace the laws of men with the laws of god, such as; RLUIPA, GA Bible Classes, GA & Ohio & Missouri & Mississippi 10 Commandments in Public Buildings, ACLJ & ADF trying to push religious bigotry by suing public schools on behalf of Christian student groups in the name of Freedom of Speech, and Religion.


10 Amendments Websites and Information about Separation of Church and State:











Religious Rightís 10 Commandments Website:





More Information about tabling:


In an effort to make this effort a success we ask that you join us on Sunday, May 7th in Washington, DC, on the National Mall in front of the Dinosaur Museum.


We will provide the table and tent; we ask that you please bring a chair of your own.We also ask that you please provide your own drinks and sandwiches.


If youíve helped ASUSA with the Johns Hopkins Fair, youíll find that we are following their example.


You can email Jeff Wismer (jdwismer922@hotmail.com) or Rick Wingrove (rwingrove@beltwayatheists.org)