National Day of Reason


Tabling at Lafayette Park:

Behind the White House


Thursday May 3, 2007 10am-5pm


Counter to the Dominionist effort to attack and undermine Separation of Religion & Government and the Constitution of the United States of America


What itís all about:


American Atheists ( & Beltway Atheists ( will be tabling (setting up a tent, and a table with first amendment materials) in Washington DC (at Lafayette Park just behind the White House) Thursday May 3 from 10am-5pm.




Itís important to make people aware of the Constitution, and the Jeffersonian Wall of Separation of Church and State being attacked and undermined by the Religious Dominionists in the United States.




American Atheists and Beltway Atheists are going to be providing people with first amendment materials about Separation of Church and State, as well as information on the Bill of Rights.We will also be asking people how they feel about Separation of Church and State, in attempts to engage them on the issue at hand.


In Response to:


The Dominionists and their unrelenting message of divisiveness, shameless religious promotion in politics and courts, and sycophantic movement to replace the laws of men with the laws of god.Examples include and are not limited to; Faith based initiatives, Public Expression of Religion Act, Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, Nationwide Bible Classes in Public Schools, 10 Commandments and other Religious symbols in public buildings and on public property, ACLJ & ADF trying to push religious bigotry by suing public schools on behalf of Christian student groups in the name of Freedom of Speech, and Religion.





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