Elitism and Capitalism would collapse without Doctrinal Religion


“Beware of Dogma”


Imagine a pyramid. Then imagine the elitist of the world on top and the laborers that built the pyramid levels so the elitist couldn't be touched. Now imagine the bottom level. It’s being supported off the ground by the many people who are oppressed by all levels of society. The foundation, in which the oppressed are holding up, is composed of none other than fundamentalist religious dogma. The bricks made out of the dogmatic rules and the mortar made with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who have died to spread, protect, and uphold dogma.

Why do I think organized fundamentalist religious dogma is so important, and so foundational?

I'll explain how it came to dominate societal rules (laws of god effecting the laws of men) using evolutionary biology.

In the beginning

In the beginning...humans evolved from tree inhabiting monkeys in what is now
Africa. Basically we know that as humans evolved from monkeys the biggest and the strongest ruled (basic principle #1; the strong will take advantage of the weak). At that time physical domination was the most important trait to being a leader, and of course we know from the study of monkeys today, communication and crafting skills were the extent of their intelligence.

Next, as we go into the emergence of humanity and human domination of the earth, we begin to see a 50/50 mix of physical and intellectual rule on display. Expression, language, and trade have begun to flourish and diversify.   We begin to see the development of doctrine and dogmatic practices.  Religion is born.

History of Religion


At this point in History, I would say that Descartes' philosophy is first introduced and debated. That is of course is, "Who am I?", and, "Who created me?” As humans become more aware, they also begin to articulate a fear of death. We begin to see that a normal human mental construct of imagining a perfect being, higher power, abstract, and creator takes center stage. So humans start to translate and integrate this mental construct into reality. There are many different ideas of what this god might be and problems arise from the leaders of the time.  Religious competition starts and then the race becomes, "which god is the best god?” “I think it’s my god." Dogma is introduced in order to prove that point. It is at this point in human history that we really begin using our intellectually evolved brains, to institute POWER (fear of losing control), GREED (fear of poverty), and RELIGION (fear of death).  The unholy trinity is formed for the first time setting up future generations of politicians, big money corporations, and religious leaders to rule and subjugate their authority over the weak.  Keeping in mind we already know we've evolved with the nature of the strong taking advantage of the weak (principle #1), we are exposed to a device and/or tool that is very effective in keeping those leaders of men who created the system; oppress the masses thru dogmatic power.

The effect of authoritarian rule thru the use of dogmatic power will last through the enlightenment period, where intellectualism becomes prominent in order to succeed (and where physical strength is reserved for sport and combat). Throughout the enlightenment period (including today’s society in that time period), the use of mainstream fundamentalist dogmatic religions will be used to enslave and oppress millions of people. Once the elitist came into power because of the system designed to enslave and oppress, there has been a continuing effort to keep the system in place. The principles are worth repeating, POWER (fear of losing control), GREED (fear of poverty), and RELIGION (fear of death), are necessary in today's society to keep elitists in power. The more a fundamentalist dogmatic religion gains power in the mainstream, a reaction occurs, and the gap between the elitists and the oppressed widens; as is evident today in the
Middle East and the United States.

America must get its priorities straight. Several recent studies show that the income gap between rich and poor Americans is widening. The nation’s wealth is under the control of fewer and fewer people, and this tide of inequality threatens democracy.

A study released in late January by the Centre on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute found that the gap between the highest-income families and poor and middle-income families is significantly wider than it was 25 years ago."

United States Gap

'Other societies, much as their rulers and people may have wanted to be richer rather than poorer, have never quite made it -- at least not so far. They have proved incapable of generating from within themselves the necessary conditions for the creation of riches. Landes offers many reasons for these failures. Although Protestantism gets high marks, religion has much to answer for. From
South America to the Middle East and South Asia, notably in the forms of Roman Catholicism and Islam, it has persistently elevated authority and cramped initiative, and it has encouraged values inimical to widespread experimentation and so exacerbated other more substantial difficulties. Landes argues that Islam's coincidence with the accidental riches of oil and with authoritarian governments that often generate little loyalty, along with its capacity for discouraging domestic investment in skills and knowledge, has made it particularly damaging. Other countries have been too ready to take temporarily easy options to preserve the status quo, to avoid the rigors of necessary change or to be seduced by ignorant siren voices of ''international placemen and experts, '' who sing ''songs of innocence and inexperience.''

Middle East Gap

Clearly we as humans have to fight this by curbing ignorance. But in order to fight ignorance we have to bring about change into the institutions that allow such ignorance to flourish. Every one of us are born with the same biological advantages (excluding genetic disabilities), and unfortunately we began to immediately suffer differences because of being born into certain situations. I don't believe humans, who are not perfect, are ever going to create a utopia, but at least we can reform a society that rewards an elitist by propping up a system that continues to enslave and oppress millions. Obviously we have two main fundamentalist dogmatic religions, Christianity and Islam, that have survived over the centuries and they are threatening to influence every person in the world, by their use of fundamentalist dogmatic religious revolutionary reformist political movement. I don't believe they can take over the world, nor do I believe they would want to have that responsibility.  Why do that when all you need to do is have an strong influence over the world by using their fear machine?

"If we don't tackle it as it should be tackled this very simple cartoons issue could have, in the long run, a more damaging impact than September 11, " Tariq Ramadan.

Intimidation and Influence

In the United States, we can't rely on the Democratic Party to stop the fundamentalist religious right political movement, in fact many are joining them, i.e. Hillary Clinton (it takes a village, flag burning).

"Bested by a Republican campaign emphasizing Christian faith, some Democrats are scrambling to shake off their secular image, stepping up efforts to organize the "religious left" and debating changes to how they approach the cultural flashpoints of same-sex marriage and abortion.

Some call the election a warning. "You can't have everybody who goes to church vote Republican; you just can't,” Al From, founder of the Democratic Leadership Council, said last week at a forum on the election.'"

Democrats reaching out to the Religious Right

Most Recently we have
South Dakota and Mississippi passing extreme anti-abortion laws, a movement to ban gays and lesbians from adoption, and yesterday...

Republicans want to stop constitutionally protected expression of religion

H.R. 2679 would amend the Civil Rights Attorney Fees Act to stop
courts from awarding legal fees or damages to any individual or group
which successfully brings suit under the Establishment of Religion
clause of the First Amendment. Supporters of the measure argue that
organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union have reaped
enormous compensation from such actions, costs which are ultimately
paid by taxpayers. They add that the mere threat of lawsuits is having
a "stifling effect" on religious practices, specifically the public
display of the Ten Commandments and other sectarian symbols on public

Attempts to outlaw or discourage litigation over church-state
separation issues are occasionally introduced in Congress and state
legislatures under the pretext of protecting religious freedom and
ending "excessive" attorney fees. A proposal by Rep. James DeMint of
South Carolina disallowed "attorney fees in any action claiming that a
public school or its agent violates the constitutional prohibition
against the establishment of religion by permitting, facilitating, or
accommodating a student's religious expression."

Attorney Eddie Tabash who has been involved with state-church
separation issues said that the "Public Expression of Religion Act"
was "patently unconstitutional,” and was simply another strategy to
discourage litigation over government practices that violated the
First Amendment.

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, added that the
Hostettler bill "is not for the benefit of the taxpayer, but for
government and religious leaders who insist on eroding the wall of
separation between church and state."

"They know, as do we, that most attorneys are simply unable to work on
long-term, complex litigation if they don't receive some compensatory
fee, “Johnson said.”We're not talking about donating a few free hours
'to the cause.' These cases require an enormous amount of time and

Johnson said that governments are often quite willing to squander
taxpayer funds in order to defend their unconstitutional practices.

"Whether it is school prayer or defending a religious monument in the
public square, state and local governments are frequently very
short-sighted and belligerent when caught doing something that
violates the First Amendment,” Johnson said.


Not only do the Christians want to stop separation of church and state from even being heard by the judge, now they want the world to excuse them for being racist.




That’s right America; they want you to allow them to say whatever they want in the name of religion.  And where is the moderate, liberal Christian and Muslim voice scolding them for trying to do this?  That’s right there is none.  Just the lonely ACLU trying to stop the Rick Scarborough’s of the United States from walking all over the rights of those who are different.  It disgusts me to no end to read an article from Street Prophets:




Saying what a great job moderate, liberal Christian and Muslims are doing in fighting against the unholy trinity and the unholy alliance.  Are you kidding me?  How come we never see your face in the news?  Where are your rebuttals in the newspapers?  Which leaders are speaking out and holding conferences?  If they are, and certainly there probably are a number of them, then they surely don’t make headlines anymore.  So don’t come to us saying that you’re fighting against them, when we know you’re protecting them from secularists who are tying to wipe them off the face of mainstream America.   You don’t fool me!