A story of Osama Bin Laden in Iraq from 9/11 to US Invasion


By: Jeffrey Wismer

August 19, 2006

Much like the story of the origin of AIDS, or the JFK assassination, this is a story based on circumstances that seem to be internally consistent but not on evidence b/c there is no way any proof can be found...so this is only a story of what could have happened....

The Introduction of the principle characters:

My name is Osama bin Laden, and I was born into a rich family in
Saudi Arabia. At some point in my schooling in Saudi Arabia I found my way into an underground militant faction. That took me into Afghanistan where I was trained and funded by the French, British, and the United States to stop the invasion of Russia into the Middle East. The price of failure is to have the Russians began to control the region and a foothold into the oil industry. After years of fighting the Russians, they eventually withdraw, and Im left with nothing. My new family and friends have been killed in a bloody war with Russia, and I was promised land and power by the French, British, and the United States, but they betrayed me, and left me and the mujahideen out to dry. My motivation now becomes revenge and I work with the Taliban in Afghanistan and deploy the mujahideen throughout the world and we begin to plan the destruction of small targets such as embassies and naval vessels at first. The war I fought against the Russians, and the first war between the western world and Iraq, specifically the United States, Great Britain, and France has taught me a valuable lesson. I know that the western world values oil more than Arabs or Persians. I will use this tool to recruit those willing to die and exploit their zealous religious convictions. I will also use oil to sell the idea to greedy princes who want more power and they will help keep me safe. My modus operandi is to recruit people from the country I live in, then to force the sovereign country in which Im living to either comply with the United States making enemies of the government officials with the people, or to defend thus sovereignty and defy the United States thus bringing upon the wrath of the United States. What I really want is to force the western world into a war, and I believe, like Vietnam, will eventually drive out the western world.

My name is Saddam Hussein, and my modus operandi has always been seeking out more power. I was trained to be a dictator and I used genocide as a way to intimidate my enemies. I know Im in control of one of the richest oil reserves in the world. In foreign affairs, I sought to have
Iraq play a leading role in the Middle East. I signed an aid pact with the Soviet Union in 1972, and arms were sent along with several thousand advisers. However, the 1978 executions of Iraqi Communists and a shift of trade toward the West strained my relations with the Soviet Union, leading to a more Western orientation from then until the Gulf War in 1991, though I continued to receive the largest share of armaments from the Soviet bloc. Although the Russians tried to keep me happy the western world such as the United States, France, and Great Britian helped me develop nuclear energy and promised to help me fight my enemy Iran. I learned that the western world was also aiding Iran and Afghanistan in stopping the Russians from havng a foothold into the Middle East region. I used this information to my advantage in planning the attack on Kuwait. I learned that the western world was suspicious of the connection that Kuwait had developed with the Russians. First and foremost I needed more money that the western world was willing to give me. Since I couldnt readily give up the power I had attained I decided it was worth the risk to invade Kuwait. I never thought the western world would turn on me so quickly after years of their support, in fact I was made certain promises by Rumsfeld in the early 80s and by the Reagan Administration. After the western world declared war on me in the early 90s I felt betrayed and left out to dry b/c the western world promised me financial support and when I needed it they did not give it to me b/c I was no longer needed to stave of the russian advance. What did the western world expect me to do? I had to stay in power so I invaded Kuwait. The western world destroyed my family, my power, and my military and they put economic sanctions on my country. I want revenge on the western world.

My name is George W. Bush, and I was raised into the oil business by my family. My father became the Vice President of the
United States under Ronald Regan, and eventually succeeded Regan. When I was in college I had an alcohol problem, and then as often is the case went from one unhealthy vice to another, and I became a born again Christian. Ever since that day I became first and foremost an emotional man and I want people to like me. After learning how to be a business man with the tutelage of my Father and his business partners, I decided to follow my fathers footsteps and become a politician and run for Governor of Texas. I learn the valuable lesson of being viewed as an everyday Joe, and become an expert at Public Relations. I did such a good job that Karl Rove decided that I should run for President of the United States. I win the election with the help of the Supreme Court of the United States and immediately start a positive PR campaign and Karl Rove labels me as a compassionate conservative. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld say all I need to do is relate to Middle America with my emotional persona, my religious zeal, and my Middle American charm. They say all I have to worry about is America liking me and becoming popular and they will handle everything else. My popularity when I take office is in the 30% but I am reassured that you dont need to make everyone like you, just Middle America. Its an easy job and all I have to do is appear at certain speaking engagements and put on a happy face. Everything was going perfectly untiluntil that fateful day 9/11. When I was told of the news by Stephen Hadley I panicked b/c Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld had me convinced that I wouldnt be put in a position to lose. As an emotional man, I immediately become full of fear and confusion and anger. I did what I had to do and went to New York City. Then I immediately decide to go into Afghanistan with the assistance of the United Nations. In what I could have never predicted I become one of the most popular Presidents in United States history, and not only do I have all of the conservatives and most of the moderates approve of my job, but also the liberals and the media as well. As an emotional man I wanted my revenge on Osama Bin Laden and I was willing to do anything to get him. Bottom line I wanted to continue to be well liked by the American People, and I really believed that the right thing to do was to do whatever it takes to capture the evil Osama Bin Laden. As a religious man Im used to authoritarianism so I dont believe in negotiations with an enemy and I cant stand dissent. I was determined to do what I believed was right, and nothing could stand in my way.

Now that we have the principle characters acknowledged and basically understood as far as their motivations.

We begin the story where we should begin, on 9/11

Osama Bin Laden is in
Afghanistan up until 9/11. The first of the audio tapes after 9/11 was discovered in an abandoned house in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Here is the timeline of the Bin Laden Audio Tapes. Osama Bin Laden is then thought to have fled to Pakistan at that time. This is really where the story begins. Osama Bin Laden knows that the Taliban was going to be crushed and the United States Military would immediately do a search of the surrounding area where they thought it would be safe. Of course thats where the United States underestimates Osama Bin Laden, and makes him out to be a coward and fleeing into the mountains. Osama Bin Laden is a brilliant man, and the role of the United States is to make him out to be a monster incapable of rational thought and reason. They also want him to be viewed as a coward running for his life. But is Osama Bin Laden the type of person to be shortsighted and hit and run. Osama Bin Laden knows the effect of 9/11 wont immediately bear the fruit he wantswhich is a war between the west and the Middle East. He knows that the immediate effect would be one of sympathy and compassion for the United States and in the short term would boost the support for the Leadership of America, and bring people together. Is that what Osama Bin Laden spent his whole life doing? Just one shot at the United States and thus giving up his life and not thinking ahead or looking at the bigger picture? Osama Bin Laden had attacked during the Clinton Administration and had been emboldened by the fact that President Clinton had an opportunity to kill him but did not. More importantly rather than kill Osama Bin Laden, Clinton wanted to negotiate a truce with him. Osama Bin Laden did not want a President so willing to negotiate peace with the Middle East. That would not produce the effect he needed. Osama Bin Laden waits until a President takes power that is emotional, and like Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowtiz, and Donald Rumsfeld, has no desire to negotiate with the Middle East and would rather go to war. Osama Bin Laden knows he can count on this scenario because of these were the men in the first Bush Administration when they went to war with Saddam Hussein.

Osama Bin Laden counts on the Bush Administrations willingness to do whatever it takes to capture him. This is where the story gets interesting. Osama Bin Laden has contacts all over the
Middle East. Does he go somewhere where he knows the United States Military will be looking for him, or does he go to the last place that the CIA and Military Intelligence would think of looking? What better way to elude your enemies than to hide in the land of your perceived enemy. Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden are supposed to be enemies. Whether or not Osama Bin Laden was found out to be in Iraq by Saddam Husseins spy network, or whether Osama wanted to be captured, or whether Osama made an announcement to Saddam Hussein and the United States that he was now in Iraq is not relevant. The bottom line is that Osama Bin Laden is in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein and the United States are aware of this. If you look at the timeline of the Bin Laden tapes there are regular occurrences of tapes being transmitted by Al-Jazeera until February 11, of 2003. 10/07/01, 11/03/01, 12/13/01, 12/26/01, 1/31/02, 4/15/02, 10/16/02, 11/12/02, 2/11/03. The transcript of the February 2003 is as follows: Bin Laden tells Muslims around the world to challenge the U.S.-led war in Iraq. The audiotape aired on Al-Jazeera, which originally denied its existence. Bin Laden adds that any nation that helps the U.S. attack Iraq, "[Has] to know that they are outside this Islamic nation. Jordan and Morocco and Nigeria and Saudi Arabia should be careful that this war, this crusade, is attacking the people of Islam first." This was a full month before the United States actually invaded on March 20, 2003.

So Osama Bin Laden is in
Iraq. The United States and Saddam Hussein know this. Saddam Hussein has had everything taken away from him by the western world, especially the United States. Saddam Hussein wants his revenge, but more than that he wants his power back. Meaning he wanted Iraq to be a sovereign country again. Of course he just cant broadcast the fact that Osama Bin Laden is in Iraq, b/c his people would not only kill Osama Bin Laden, but also overthrow Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein now has a way to get his power back and has to rely on negotiating with the United States. Osama Bin Laden knows the current administration does not negotiate with the Middle East. Osama Bin Laden is counting on the fact that the United States will not give Saddam Hussein his power. Osama Bin Laden knows that the current administration will do anything to capture him. The trap is set and Osama Bin Laden has made himself the bait.

Put yourselves in the shoes of George W. Bush. On one hand hes desperate to get emotional revenge and stay popular, but on the other hand he cant advertise the fact that Osama Bin Laden is somewhere inside
Iraq and that I thought about negotiating with an evil man, Saddam Hussein. Can we not sympathize with his plight? He had a chance to bring Osama Bin Laden into justice and Saddam Hussein stood in between the United States and Osama Bin Laden. As soon as the United States learned about Osama Bin Ladens whereabouts the choice was simple. Go in after Osama and risk everything or dont go after him. Negotiating with Saddam Hussein was never an option. George W. Bush must have agonized over this decision for weeks. I doubt I can say the same for Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld. George W. Bush was now popular and everybody liked him, and although he wanted revenge on Osama Bin Laden, he saw that if they failed in capturing Osama Bin Laden, that they were destined for tragedy in Iraq. It was an all or nothing proposition, and if it resulted in the capture of Osama Bin Laden, it would have justified everything and George W. Bush would be a hero. If not, he was headed into the worst foreign policy disaster in the history of the United States and just 30 years after Vietnam. George W. Bush was told that he had to lie to the American people, the ones that he just came together with over 9/11. This must have been to worst situation George W. Bush ever could have imagined. The administration knew that they could get enough of congress and the senate to go along with attacking Iraq based upon the capital that the President had built up since 9/11. But the case that the administration used to go to war with Iraq NEVER washed with large amount of the population. WMDs werent proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be in Iraq by the U.N. weapons inspectors. The WMD story quickly unraveled as soon as the United States went into Iraq. Then the liberation story of saving Iraq from a cruel dictator, who was always cruel and the United States knew it, so why all of a sudden use that as motivation. Then democracy in the Middle East story began to propagate. In that case we were to believe all these brilliant war planners, strategists, and military men rushed into something as comprehensive as rebuilding a nation. There was no comprehensive plan, and planning for something of that magnitude would have taken 2 more years of planning. Of course the conspiracy theorists will always point to OIL as the main reason but in the real world the villains arent the ones that one wishes them to be. Nor did the government of the United States have anything to do with the planning or allowance of 9/11. Thats just too extreme for us to believe.

On the other hand, vengeance, emotion, and the belief of doing whatever it takes to do the right thing is often what results in the determent and downfall of men and women. The intention might be good, but the emotion blinds humans to reason and to rational. The two memos Downing Street Memo and the Manning Memo showed the extent at to which the administration was desperate for a way to go into Iraq as soon as humanly possible. These memos were also used to justify the reason to invade
Iraq, and to hide the fact that George W. Bush knew that it was because he thought Osama Bin Laden was in Iraq. Let us not forget the First strike policy that was formed around going into Iraq. Bottom line, It is Osama Bin Ladenit was always about Osama Bin Laden, and the next war will be about Osama Bin Laden.

When George W. Bush, stood on that warship on May 1, 2003 declaring Mission Accomplishedit had nothing to do with
Iraq. The mission wasnt accomplished in regards to Iraq. They just drove Osama Bin Laden out of Iraq. What didnt happen was the capture of Osama Bin Laden. So what you really had was not mission accomplished, but failed mission to capture Osama Bin Laden finished in Iraq. After that I would suspect the administration thought they could pull out of Iraq and continue to pursue Bin Laden. What happened of course was that in the rush to capture Bin Laden we destroyed Iraqs infrastructure along the way. The United States targeted airports, bridges, and roads first. The United States surrounded Iraq. The United States must have thought they had Bin Laden surrounded. Knowing that his demise was to come soon, Saddam Hussein got his revenge, and assisted Osama Bin Laden out of Iraq before the Invasion began. Osama Bin Laden knew the invasion was coming, and thats why the February 11, 2003 tape is so relevant.

United States had to try to prevent Saddam Hussein from helping Osama Bin Laden leave Iraq. The United States didnt know Saddam Hussein already had gotten Bin Laden out of Iraq so at the time it was necessary for the first strike of the 2003 Invasion was to usecruise missiles to kill Saddam Hussein at his palace

, and other important leaders of Saddam Husseins spy network and military leaders. After Osama Bin Laden was gone from Iraq, Saddam Hussein had no real power. When the United States found Saddam Hussein it was not necessary to kill him, because he was no longer relevant. That is why Saddam Hussein is still alive. If he was a threat to the United States he would be dead by now.

According to the audio tapes, Osama Bin Laden does not reappear in a verifiable tape until
January 5, 2004. One can assume he is in Pakistan at this time. The tapes start appearing again at regularity during 2004 1/5/04, 4/14/04, 5/6/04, 10/29/04, 12/16/04, 12/27/04. The United States begins to get closer to Osama Bin Laden and one can surmise that by the success of the Waziristan War. In 2005 Osama Bin Laden is on the run and there are no audiotapes until January 19, 2006 that states: CIA intelligence officials who analyzed the audiotape, which aired on Arabic-language TV network Al-Jazeera, said they believed the speaker was Osama bin Laden, who warned that plans for terror attacks are under way and offered a "long-term truce." "We have seen explosions in many European countries. As for similar operations taking place in America, it's only a matter of time. They are under way, and you will hear about them soon." Audiotapes then regularly occur again now that Osama Bin Laden has found a new place to live1/19/06, 4/23/06, 5/23/06, 6/29/06, 6/30/06. We can surmise that Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan because the latest plot involved terrorists from Pakistan. The next move from Osama Bin Laden could involve Iran, and the desire to once again tie a country into a terror plot. Osama Bin Ladens goal is first and foremost to ignite a war between the west and the Middle East. If Osama Bin Laden wanted to involve Iran he would either use Iranians for the next terror plot or announce to Iran and the United States that he is currently living in Iran.